Praise for As Red as Blood:

“This trilogy opener from a talented young author has a bracing energy that stands up to the most muscular of Scandinavian thrillers and a heroine more than equal to her competition…Fairy tales, like mysteries, present uncompromising moral imperatives—no soft, comforting shades of gray for even the youngest readers. Limned in stark red, white and black, this cold, delicate snowflake of a tale sparkles with icy magic.“
-Kirkus Reviews, July 15th (online June 18th) 2014 (read the whole review here:

“This leaves the teenagers of Simukka’s story negotiating a landscape that adults have created and then abandoned, cold as the Scandinavian winter; the warm heart at its center is the web of alliance they form. Fans of Nesbø and Larsson won’t be disappointed.“
– Publishers Weekly, June 2nd 2014 (read the whole review here:

“Discovering these fantastically crafted novels by the very talented Finnish author, Salla Simukka has been a real highlight this year for me. Salla’s courageous and vivid heroine, Lumikki, takes us on a compelling journey, and this outstanding sensual thriller sequence will utterly entrance readers! We are thrilled to be the UK home for The Snow White Trilogy. “
– Emily Thomas, Publisher, Hot Key Books

“We were delighted and proud to hear that Salla Simukka had chosen Hachette’s Black Moon imprint for her SNOW WHITE trilogy. Lumikki is a strong and vibrant heroine whose trials and tribulations I personally look forward to sharing with our readers. No doubt this new voice will have the greatest happily ever after with the French YA community of readers.”
– Aurélia Goyens, Editor, Hachette Livre Black Moon

“What a strong, extraordinary and compelling new voice! And what a thrilling and convincing story! We are absolutely enthusiastic to be able to add Salla Simukka to our list and to make her Snow White trilogy our focus title at the next Frankfurt bookfair and in fall and winter 2014. We are sure that German readers will love Salla Simukka!”
– Katrin Weller, Editor-in-Chief, Arena Verlag, Arena Kinderbuch Jugendbuch Taschenbuch

“I loved Lumikki’s story: it’s a thriller for both YA and adult readers. A fascinating story with a strong character, a modern Snow White who does not believe in happy endings at all.”
-Author Barbara Baraldi, Italy

Norwegian praise for As Red as Blood:

“A powerful thriller from a Finnish superstar.”
-VG newspaper

“The plot is recognizably Nordic Noir, and I would bet that Lumikki will end up on both large and small screens in the future. The first novel in the trilogy is well composed, and the Snow White quotes serve as a nice framework for the story. Lumikki’s changing identities are also thoughtfully handled by the author. This is an accomplished piece of writing.”
-NRK broadcasting company

“Salla Simukka’s writing requires the same type of concentration and mind-mapping as adventure games, and the reward is a totally engulfing reading experience. The only thing better than the powerful narrative and the interesting protagonist is the sheer velocity of the parallel storylines.” online publication

“The fairy tale analogy works well. Rather than being overdone, it shines through at key points in the story. It’s nice to see the ‘Finnishness’ kept intact in an international bestseller.”
-Liv Mossige, Dagsavisen newspaper

“The story is action-packed enough for even the most impatient young readers, but it is the young protagonist that justifies the hype and makes me grin from ear to ear. Lumikki Andersson is a teenage heroine who is smart and believable, tough and independent.”
-Det fantastiske hjørnet online publication

“The hype for this series is deserved. Lumikki is likeable, the story is exciting and the first book shows great promise. I will definitely read the next book.”
-bokelskere Web site


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