Lumikki Andersson

Lumikki Andersson, 17 years old, is the main character of the Snow White Trilogy. She has been named after Snow White even though she doesn’t have black hair or unusually pale skin.

Lumikki is strong, independent – and alone. She doesn’t trust people easily. She can hide, she can run, she can smell really good and she can analyze all the information around her. Lumikki can be a bit cynical and sarcastic and she may appear older than other people her age. But that is because she has had to become stronger and wiser and tougher than most others. There is a dark secret in Lumikki’s family and she has also suffered a great deal when she was younger.

Lumikki enjoys music, art, black coffee and going to BodyCombat. Here is how she is described in the first book:

“On her very first day in high school Lumikki had decided that she wasn’t going to let herself be stuffed into any category. She wasn’t going to let anyone bundle her in with some reference group so people could make easy assumptions about her.

Lumikki had watched the formation of the divisions, the groupings, and the cliques with slight interest and mild amusement. She had stayed on the sidelines, on the outside. But she wasn’t a loner freak sneaking along the walls dressed in all black either. People remembered her name.

Lumikki Andersson. The Swedish-Finnish girl from Riihimäki. The one who carefully considered opinion about everything. The one who made straight tens in physics and philosophy.

The one who played Ophelia so well that two teachers got mad and the rest were moved to tears.

The one who didn’t participate in any of the school’s pranks or parties.

The one who always ate alone but never looked lonely.

She was the puzzle piece that didn’t have its own place but could suddenly fill in almost any hole you needed it to.

She wasn’t like the others.

She was exactly like the others.”

(As Red as Blood, translated by Owen F. Witesman)


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