Author Salla Simukka

Photo: Lars Kastilan

Photo: Lars Kastilan

Salla Simukka

Salla Simukka is the author of the international success story The Snow White Trilogy. Lumikki Andersson, the main character in the trilogy, is a 17-year-old girl who has learned to defend herself and to trust no one. She is a lonely wolf and lonesome survivor.

Salla Simukka (b. 1981) is a translator and author of juvenile fiction. She was born and raised in Tampere, the second largest city in Finland. At the age of nine she knew that she wanted to be a writer. The first version of her first published book she wrote when she was 18. She has written several novels and one collection of short prose for young readers, and has translated adult fiction, children’s books, and plays. She writes book reviews for the newspapers Helsingin Sanomat and Hämeen Sanomat and the weekly Suomen Kuvalehti. Salla was an editor and associate editor at a literary magazine for young people, LUKUfiilis, in 2009-2013. She has also worked as one of the scriptwriters for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE’s series Uusi Päivä (New Day) since 2009.

In January 2013 Salla Simukka was awarded with the Topelius Prize for her novels Without a Trace(Jäljellä, Tammi Spring 2012) and Elsewhere (Toisaalla, Tammi Fall 2012) in recognition of the best Finnish youth novel. Established in 1946, the Topelius Prize is Finland’s oldest prize in recognition of the best Finnish book for children and young people. In December of 2013 she was given the Finland Prize, awarded in recognition of a significant career in arts, an exceptional artistic achievement, or a promising breakthrough.

Learn more about her in the Q&A!

Photo: Lars Kastilan

Photo: Lars Kastilan


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